Now that all future plans have been postponed. And it's time to look back on the things you thought you owned. Do you remember them well? Were you high or just stoned? And how many grudges did you take to your grave? When you weren't liked or followed, how did you behave? Was it often a dissonant chord you were strumming? Were you ever in tune with the song life was humming? If pain's living on when your body's long gone. And your phantom regret hasn't let it go yet. You may not have died in the way that you must. All specters are haunted by their own lack of trust. When you're all out of time, there's nothing but space. No hunting, no gathering No nations, no race And Heaven is closer than those tears on your face. When the purple rain falls. We're all bathed in its grace. Heaven's for those who let go of regret. And you have to wait here when you're not all there yet. But you could be there by the end of this song. Where The Weeknd's so good and he plays all week long. Bang a gong, get it on. And if your broken heart's heavy when you step on the scale. You'll be lighter than air when they pull back the veil. Consider the flowers, they don't try to look right. They just open their petals and turn to the light. Are you listening real close? Heaven's not that, it's this. It's the depth of this moment. You don't reach for bliss. God knows life is chaos. But He made one thing true. You gotta unwind your mind. Train your soul to align.. And dance 'til you find that divine boogaloo In other words You gotta be Heaven to see Heaven May peace be with you.